Six months ago today, my family and I welcomed Dora into our lives and our home, and since then everything has become a million times brighter.
A few weeks prior to this occasion, at the beginning of August, my dad was on his way out into the back garden when he saw two dogs – a mother and puppy – running around in the grass. We had mentioned getting another dog for years but we had never found one we felt was right for our family.

Like any dog owner, I feel your first dog is beyond special, and so it can be difficult after that to find another that you have the same connection with. And yet, right in front of us was a puppy so full of energy and excitement it was hard not to fall in love at first sight.

After the initial surprise and confusion at how these lovely dogs managed to find their way into our garden, we found out that they had broken through the fence separating us from our neighbours. But what made this event even better was finding out that the puppy was the last in a litter for sale. A previous family had offered to home her, but for reasons I still do not know, had changed their mind at the last minute, leaving Dora with no potential family.

This was where our puppy adventure started.

Dora is now an eight and a half month, scruffy and adventurous Cockapoo, and she has come a long way from stumbling into our garden with a plant pot on her head.

She has single-handedly managed to bring our family closer together, allowing us to create amazing memories with her, as well as single-handedly managing to destroy about seven pairs of shoes and slippers.

It’s strange to think, sometimes, that a single animal or person can have such an impact on our lives, but when it happens, everything changes for the better.


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