I’m currently living in an accommodation called Tocil at the University of Warwick, and having been here for nearly two terms, I have realised there are a lot of pros and cons about accommodation.
I have tried to break what I’ve learnt down into three sections.

The actual room you spend your year in:

Pros: In general, I have found most university rooms (at least on this campus) come equipped with everything you need for your first-year experience. You get the shelves, the desk, the wardrobe, the bed, and sometimes a cable to connect your computer to the internet.
My university room is bigger than my room back home, which is nice, and because it is at the end of the hallway you can’t hear too much from the kitchen – such a music or drunk-singing.

Cons: Here, some rooms are slightly bigger than others, so it could bother people who are paying the same amount for a slightly smaller room.
Moreover, as rooms are randomly allocated you could end up being right next to the kitchen, and if you aren’t a “people-person”, or revising for a test, the sound of loud music on evenings in could be annoying.


The kitchen/ common room:

Pros: In our flat, our kitchen is also our common room, where we spend most of our time before nights out. This allows us to cook and eat together. A lot of us tend to cook together and have social time, which allows us to build our friendships.

Cons: The photograph of the kitchen below was taken after it had just been cleaned by our cleaner. It will approximately stay like that for three hours a week. Normally, the kitchen is a tip and can become rather disgusting sometimes.
If many people come in to cook at the same time, it is difficult to get things done as quickly as you want.
The kitchen can also be stuffy because of how many people are in there, if you don’t have a common room and a kitchen.


The flatmates:

Pros: Thankfully, I believe our flat gets on well enough with one another. As there is twelve of us, it means we can learn a lot of things from each other, especially when there is a nice split between international and non-international students.
There is also the opportunity for…Pranks. Pranks. Pranks. Pranks. Pranks.

Cons: There will be arguments over the state of the kitchens and bathrooms.
With so many flatmates, it can be frustrating waiting for the one of the three showers we have.
Sometimes, there can be little alone time.
There is also the opportunity for…Pranks. Pranks. Pranks. Pranks. Pranks.




  1. Your room looks so lovely! I’m going to be moving uni uni dorms in about 3 weeks time and ahhh I’m nervous! But your posr has calmed me a little, the pros all seem good and I will have an en suite so no need to wait for showers. Phew. Great post hun x

    Lon x


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