Every single time I dye my hair, there is no planning for it. I will just wake up one morning and be like “I need to dye my hair and dye it now…” and by the end of the day it is a different colour. *It probably explains why half of the time my hair doesn’t look too great as preparation is normally key*.

The same thing happened again this week.
I woke up on Friday morning and decided I wanted a change. Lately, I have been feeling pretty low and exhausted, and I just wanted a pick me up. So today, I made my way to the local shopping centre and selected a new colour I wanted.

img_5791For the last few months my hair has been very gingery – I dyed it bright orange last June, and the brown dye I put over it in September has faded a lot. So I was stuck with the dilemma of having really light gingery hair and really dark, natural roots.img_5790The colours I selected equaled to around £18.00 (the nice’neasy dyes were 2 for £10), and because I found some Christmas vouchers I only had to pay 0.80p for the set of three. img_5786In total, it took around 2 hours to apply all three dyes. I started with my natural hair, colouring it all brown, before using the Wild Ombre on the bottom of my hair extensions and applying the other brown dye on the top of the extensions.img_5784In conclusion, I do not know how I feel about the finished product. I’m really pleased with the way the dark brown covered the gingery spots I had, but I don’t think the ombre suits the rest of my hair.

Chances are I will probably dye the lighter sections a similar shade of brown and hope that the look will be a lot more subtle.

Three days after dying my hair with the Wild Ombre dye, I decided it wasn’t for me and went back over it with a slightly different shade of brown.


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