Even though I’m not religious in anyway, I always love to take part in Lent. There is just something I really enjoy about giving an item up for a period of time.
In 2015 it was social media, and in 2016 it was chocolate, but this year I thought I’d try something different.

In all truth there is a lot of things I would like to give up, but they aren’t just tangible items. So, for Lent, I am going to try my hardest to give up some of my toxic, bad habits, which always negatively impact me and can cause upset to other people too.

Down below is a list of four things I wish to give up for Lent, and hopefully I will be able to maintain this afterwards also.

One. Constantly checking social media.
Excluding times when I am asleep, I am always on some platform of social media. If I’m working, Facebook, WordPress, or Instagram are constantly open in separate tabs and I can’t help myself but to check them multiple times every hour. A part of me thinks I am becoming a bit too obsessed. Therefore, I’d really like to drop this bad habit, which wastes a lot of my time and limit myself to checking these websites only once or twice a day – i.e. when I’m replying to a message from a friend, or putting up a blog post. I know this will save a lot of time during my day to do something way more productive.

Slightly similar to the point above – I know I can waste a lot of time during the day, meaning I leave some of my seminar work until last minute and, therefore, don’t really learn as much as I could. There’s nothing wrong with taking regular breaks when working, but I really, really draw them out for as long as possible, so a break of 15 minutes turn into 45 minutes, and in that time I don’t do anything useful. Because of this, I am trying to limit myself to a maximum of 20 minute breaks in between pieces of work, where I can rest and prepare for other assignments, but do not waste significant time doing nothing.

Three. Comparing myself to other people and overthinking.
Out of all my bad habits, this is the worst one I have. By constantly sitting on social media, I always find myself comparing what I look like and how I am against other girls, and it leaves me feeling very insecure and unhappy with who I am. I know you need to follow that whole “you’re your own person, and comparing yourself to others will never make you happy” thing, but it is a difficult thing to follow.When I sit and do this, I end up so insecure about everything – my face, my body, my hair, my makeup, how successful I am, my goals for the future – and it is detrimental not only to me but my friends as well.

Four. Junk food.
And finally, living away from home allows me to eat a lot of bad foods, leaving me feeling sluggish and just not healthy in the slightest. So, similar to last year when I gave up chocolate, this year I’ll be trying to cut down on all types of sugary drinks and junk food.


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