Free Prints Review


From midnight on the 1st of every calendar month, Free Prints allows you to print 45 photographs and only pay for postage and packaging! This tends to be between £1.99 – £3.99, and does not go beyond the maximum price I have just listed. Overall, within a year you can select up to 500 free prints.

The photographs are normally printed in 6×4, but you can order different sized prints for a slightly bigger fee. The other types of prints are listed below:                                    



Best of all, you can also earn bonus prints
when you convince friends or family to
sign up and purchase some free prints too!

My personal experience with this App is 10/10. I have used it on and off for a couple of years now to print out some of photography or memories for scrapbooking/ birthday gifts. It is always reliable and the prints always turn up on time, and even sometimes days before the final due date they give you once you have ordered.

My favourite thing about this App – other than general freebies – is that Free Prints helps you size your photographs correctly to avoid blurriness or fuzziness on the final products. They do this by adding a yellow exclamation mark to any photos they deem are too small, giving you a chance to print in a smaller size or upload a higher quality photograph instead.

To find out more about the App:


^A selection of photographs I have printed in the last two years using Free Prints, which are now covering my university bedroom wall.

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