Hey guys!
After writing about my scrapbook haul a couple of days ago, I thought I would begin  working on the album. I’ve selected about half of the photos from my Free Prints collection and I’m also going to send off another 45 to be printed for the album this month, so it’s going to be so jam-packed and full of adventures.

I’ve decided I’m going to blog about the scrapbook in parts, each having a different style repeated on various pages throughout the months. The pattern for the pages done so far mainly contains dots and drawings, as I haven’t been able to gather many borders or coloured card at the moment for mounting the photographs onto the pages.

Hope you enjoy!
I started off working on a contents page, which I suppose is a little odd for a scrapbook, but it is just easier to find adventures from certain months. As you can see, the numbers noted in blue metallic are the pages, and some months are more full than others. This isn’t because I couldn’t find photographs for each section – trust me, I take way too many photographs – but because I am planning on layering some pictures on top of each other in small books of their own as it is hard to fit everything I want to onto 58 pages.

JULY: This photograph was taken from our fourth date, in Solihull. I wanted to layer some stickers on top of the pages that stood out against the dots, so opted for gold lettering and brightly flowery stickers. I am currently searching for other items, whether stickers or page banners, to really complete the page.

AUGUST: I’ve selected around ten photographs from our trip to London, because I’d only been a couple of times before and never really explored as much as I did the day I went with Oliver. At the time, I took note of everywhere we walked to – which, not surprisingly took twelve hours in total as we didn’t purchase Oyster cards – and so I thought I’d pen them down into the album as well. When I return home after my second term of university is complete, I plan to dig around and find the train tickets we purchased there and back and attached them onto this page as well.

SEPTEMBER: Currently, I have no printed photographs from September, but I am going to print one/two off soon. We didn’t really go anywhere during this month as it was the build up towards leaving for university so I wanted to save the money I had ready, in case I needed it to cover my rent. We spent most of the time watching movies, and went to the cinema to watch Don’t Breathe (aka a really interesting, but odd film).

NOVEMBER: We went to Kenilworth Castle to watch the Fireworks on November 5th with my flatemates. I’m using around seven photographs from that night, mainly pictures of the amazing fireworks, but i did find this gem (above) on my camera and sent it off to be printed out.

DECEMBER: I wanted to attempt planning my layering of photographs and mounting using Blu Tack, just to see what it would look like.

NEXT STEP: Time to search for more supplies for the next couple of pages 🙂


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