Today is officially my last day of university for five weeks, and what a term it has been.
In all honesty I can’t work out if I have loved it or hated it. There have been lots of ups and downs, highs and lows, and never ending struggles to actually get out of bed on time for seminars, exams and lectures. But being two thirds through my first year has put a lot of things into perspective about what I actually do and do not want to do with my future.

Although I’m studying Law, I’d like to look into other things away from being a barrister or solicitor. Right now, that just does not feel right for me at all.

As I haven’t posted much recently, I thought I’d write a quick post on my high points, low points from this term and also my goals for next term.

High Points:

  • Gaining a first in my Property Relations exam.

  • Gaining a first in my Modern English Legal System exam.

  • Actually making it through a whole night in the Student Union without leaving because I am too tired or bored.

  • Becoming closer friends with at least half of my flatmates and other people from nearby accommodations.

  • My best friend FINALLY visited.


Low Points:

  • A second flatmate has left this term.

  • I can’t remember the last time I actually went to a whole week’s worth of seminars and lectures.

  • Several mini-breakdowns along the way.

  • Having spent so much time away from my family and friends.

  • Still failing to make friends on my course (mainly because I barely turn up and have become unreliable as hell).

  • Being tossed back and forth by several groups when applying for second-year accommodation.


Goals for third term:

  • Revise really, really hard for all of my exams.

  • Complete my final two pieces of coursework on time – 2,500 words on Legal Theory and Tort Law topics.

  • Finally venture out into Coventry and Leamington as I haven’t really explored outside of campus enough.

  • Secure my second-year accommodation.

  • Do NOT drop out.



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