To be honest, this should be less of a ‘scrapbook haul’ and more of a ‘scrapbook find’. Whilst cleaning out my bedroom earlier this morning I found a box full of bits and pieces I bought years ago when I used to create things for Etsy.

If you’ve read my blog before these items included candles, soaps and photography prints. But now, all these leftovers can go to a new purpose, and that is creating a lovely scrapbook.


If I remember correctly, most of these items either came from Hobbycraft or Poundland. The only items that weren’t included in this find are featured in the three photographs above^. I purchased these Design Pads a couple of days ago, and considering there are ninety sheets, it is safe to say I will not have to go shopping for my scrapbook again.

Design Pads: £1 from Poundland.


What I love about these tiny holders is that I can begin to layer up some of my pages, adding little surprises inside each of them. And the stickers are just so dainty and vintage – they are perfect for pages where we have travelled via the train for our adventures. This includes trips to London.


Of course I won’t use all of these items pictured – I’d never be able to shut a book full of wooden designs and colourful pegs – but they may be useful for other projects.


I think my favourite find of all was the Ink Stamp Pad and all the tiny letters that go with them. I’m shocked I haven’t lost any; they’re so small. I’m also shocked that the Ink Pad still works after all these years.


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