Hi everyone!
If you’re new to my blog, every so often I like to make an arts and crafts post about a couple of tiny projects I’m working on. If you’ve previously read [Scrapbooking – Part One] you’ll know I’m making a little scrapbook detailing a few of my favourite memories from June 2016 onwards 🙂

Recently, I’ve also started another little book [*the one pictured above covered in butterflies and flowers*], but I’m not entirely sure what to put in that yet. I’ve been browsing various blogs, trying to think of a couple of plans, but so far nothing has really stuck out.

Anyway, as this is Part Two of my Scrapbooking post, I should probably explain what I have been up to since the last post…

Noted in my [Scrapbooking Starter Haul 2.0], I found an amazing collection of stickers, pockets, frames, etc, that I completely forgot existed. I also made a quick trip to Hobbycraft, Wilkos and Poundland, searching for pretty paper and card to frame my photographs with.

IMG_6387IMG_6388IMG_6389All of the beautiful paper mounted to the black card in my scrapbook was found in Poundland, which wasn’t really a surprise as for somewhere so cheap it really can deliver.

And so down below are some backgrounds I mounted for my photographs. The pages are far from complete, but it does feel really nice to continue working on this project slowly in my spare time.  IMG_6391IMG_6392IMG_6393IMG_6395
Next stop will be embellishing the pages with stickers, doodles,  and dainty objects, as well as adding pockets on certain pages to store further memories in – such as tickets to events, receipts, surprises.

IMG_6396IMG_6397Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and if you’d like to catch up on my scrapbooking adventures, these are the links to follow:

[Scrapbooking Starter Haul]
[Scrapbooking – Part One]
[Scrapbooking Starter Haul 2.0]



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