As it is the final days of April, it’s time to update you on how the 100 Happy Days challenge is going!

Today is Day 24 out of 100, and surprisingly it is beginning to make a difference. I look forward to finding/taking a photography everyday that makes me happy, and it keeps me really relaxed in times of stress. As I’ve been completing two sets of coursework [*one for Legal Theory and one for Tort*], I’ve made sure to sort my photograph around midday as a nice break in between working on my essays, plus revising.

Below I’m going to share a couple of my favourite photographs from this month and explain why they are just that.
Remember my friend, Lisa [*thebrightsideliving.com*] is also working on this journey along side me, so she shall be sharing some of her favourites soon too!








[*[100 Happy Days Mission] – My previous post on beginning the 100 Happy Days mission*]

One Reply to “100 HAPPY DAYS UPDATE I”

  1. Awwh the one of your dog sat on the grass is especially adorable! ❤️😉 This is such a lovely thing to do!


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