My First Year at University


As of June 10th, I will have officially completed my first year at university and will be returning home for the Summer, and there is nothing I find stranger than that. It seems somewhat concerning how quickly this entire year has gone; in fact it doesn’t seem like more than a few weeks ago I was driving to campus for the first time, full of nerves and anxiety. But yet here we are at the end of first year and campus living, and I don’t know how I feel about it.

University, so far, has been an amazing experience, but it would be nothing without the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to share the last eight months with.  From day one, I have met a range of quirky, lovely weirdos, who I’ve shared hilarious and embarrassing experiences with, and each of them have made university worthwhile.

For those unaware, I wanted to drop out of university day one, week one. I believed it wasn’t for me anymore. Firstly, I couldn’t decide a course [*I went from English and Creative Writing to Law*], then I feared taking a year out would impact my work [*that I’d be the older flatmate that couldn’t understand a single module*], and then I was worried that I would make zero friends. But, it hasn’t been that way. Actually, I am probably the happiest I have been in a long time because of university, and so if anyone is unsure whether they should give it a try, well, they should.

I’ll admit, term one was a bit of disaster – I found it hard to socialise with my flatmates and people on my law course. I stayed in my bedroom as much as possible. I didn’t participate in Freshers, I didn’t go out for meals, or attend any societies. It took around seven or eight weeks to really get to know anyone, but after that everything seemed to work out.

At the end of the first term, I had my first exam in a very long time, and from the results it gave me the confidence to feel like I was still worthy of a spot at my university.

Term two was the stage where everything fell into place. A second exam down, and three pieces of coursework done and dusted ready for submission, it seemed like everything was going smoothly. I spent more time with my flatmates – we went to a dainty coffee shop called Curiositea, as well as a couple of trips into Leamington for a meal and a night out [*however, I will admit the night out wasn’t for me and I went home without even getting inside the club first*]. There were lots of fights over the state of the kitchen though, and who should take out the bins, and when they should be taken out. . . but to be honest, looking back, who cares?

Term three has been challenging, but in a good way. There were four exams to go, each a couple of days after the other, which meant many late nights and early mornings, but it was worth it. I feel confident that I have passed first year, but as for the grade I am completely unsure. However, whatever it is, I’ll still be proud of myself, and aim to reach a first in second year [*Lovely reminder to self: first year doesn’t count for the overall degree grade*].

In conclusion, I guess this is a giant thank you to those who have made my time living on campus so spectacular, and that although I will be living like an hour’s bus ride away in second year, I hope we still keep in touch.




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