This year is the year I want to be more organised. Having taken a gap year in between Sixth Form and University, I find it easy to fall behind with some of my Law reading and seminar work as I’m out of practice with meeting deadlines. Therefore, I’ve made sure to keep certain things on my desk at all times to – hopefully – boost my organisational skills and get everything together.

Since starting my Law degree in October, I’ve tried to colour co-ordinate all my modules in a single book, also making a Contents Page so it’ll be easier to find specific topics when revising or completing assignments.


I was also given two 2017 diaries for Christmas – one which I keep at home and one which I keep at University – so I can plan the work I need to complete and the events I need to go to when at either place.


As I have always wanted to be an author I keep a box with my memory sticks, post-it notes, jottings and journal in so in my spare time I can work on drafting and editing the pieces I have been working on.


I recently bought a colouring calendar on sale at Asda for £3.00, so at least for a while I can take a break from revision to complete each month’s picture.


Finally I’m aiming to keep items, such as colouring books or paperbacks, on my desk so I don’t end every evening with work but something I want to read or do that I normally don’t have the time to.



One Reply to “MY STUDY DESK”

  1. I love being organised otherwise I stress even more and I forget everything 😅. Good luck with your degree! I bet it’s really hard, but time goes very quickly, you’ll wake up tomorrow and be a graduate already ✨


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