‘The Gallery Hair and Beauty Salon is located in Shirley, Solihull. We are Solihull’s premier hair stylist’s and beauty treatment salon.

The Gallery Hair and Beauty started trading in 2009 with business owners Mr Stephen Dillon and Miss Jenna Swaine. With over 38 years of experience between them they have built up The Gallery hair and beauty with their strong driven passion for hairdressing, beauty therapy and exceptional customer service.

After hard work and a desire to continue to progress in the industry they were able to then expand in 2011 to incorporate beauty rooms and a larger area for more styling sections. This allowed them to launch the very popular The Blowdry Bar which is loved by all today!

The Gallery Hair and Beauty Salon in Solihull now have a team of over 10 staff meaning you will get the very best professional service and care whilst at the thriving salon. The salon is very spacious and has a friendly atmosphere meaning you can really relax.

The salon were awarded a five star salon by the good salon guide, one of a number of awards they have been awarded over the years in the industry.’

For the last year or so, I’ve only dyed my hair once [*that being from orange to brown*], and since then I have tried my hardest to leave it alone. I’ve trimmed the ends a couple of times, putting in a fringe around Christmas, but overall I haven’t really bothered. After dying my hair multiple colours since age twelve [*brown to black to red to orange*], I’ve never really let my hair rest. I’ve also had multiple horrible haircuts [*most self-inflicted*] and have waited years for my hair to reach the length it is currently at.

However, now I have finally managed to leave my hair alone long enough that natural roots have grown out, I felt it was time to get my hair done professionally. Besides the odd trim before the age of twelve, I have kept a very far distance from hairdressers. Something about them makes me feel nervous and uncomfortable – like those dreaded trips to the dentist or doctors. It’s a mixture of panic at having to create conversation with someone for a couple of hours [*something I’m not accomplished at doing*] and the fear that what I envision and what the hairdresser envisions are two completely different things.
But, that being said, I knew it was time my hair was sorted out properly, and so I man’d up and got on with finding a salon.

Below, I have inserted some “before” pictures, so you can see the state my hair was in. It had not been trimmed in a while, the ends breaking and strawy. The colouring was a mixture of browns, the roots very dark, and the rest with a slight brassy orange tone.

Choosing a hairdressers, I wanted to stay local. I wanted to visit somewhere that did not require a bus ride, and so selected a lovely salon called The Gallery. Stepping into the hairdressers to book my appointment was scary – I didn’t really know what I wanted – but the ladies I met were so friendly and helpful and booked my appointment for the following week.

I should also note that there is a huge bonus for first time visitors, where certain options allow you to get 50% off. Because of this I only had to pay £64 pounds, instead of £110-£130, which is fantastic! I justified the remaining price by saying to myself “£60 in the space of eight years isn’t a bad deal”.

They jotted down each process we discussed, so i could keep track of what would be done, and how much each section would cost.
– £70 balayage
– £18 toner
– £13-£16 blowdry/style
– (50% off first time visit).

[*NOTE: The blowdry/style ended up being £20 instead.*]


What I wanted with my balayage was to get the blonde as bright and as high up as possible without it looking too bizarre against my dark roots. However, this didn’t quite go to plan. This was not because of the hairdressers themselves [*they were fantastic*] but because of my stubborn, over-dyed hair. The bleach was left on a little longer than it normally should be, in hopes that the brassy colour my hair was showing would become a lighter blonde, but it just wasn’t happening.


This was the end result after entering at 10am and leaving at 2pm. As you can see it is so much lighter than the “before” photographs, but still has a way to go to reach the ashy/ light blonde look I want.

I would definitely recommend The Gallery to others. They are super professional, and very friendly [*even to socially awkward people like myself who do not make conversation easy*], and they do deliver when it comes to styling, cutting, and dying hair.

Overall rating: 4.7/5


[*Final product look*]


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