The departure of The Big Hoot owls left many of you in a feathery flap! Well, the good news is Birmingham’s second adventure is mysteriously taking shape!

Repeating The Big Hoot’s multi-award-winning formula, Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity and Wild in Art are teaming up to present The Big Sleuth.

To most people, the word ‘sleuth’ means a private detective, but it’s also the collective noun for a group of bears! Bizarre but true.

Birmingham will bring both definitions together in the summer of the 2017 and the Sun Bear, the world’s smallest species of bear (now threatened with extinction) is the inspiration for a brand-new sculpture for this event.

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share an event, which is taking place all through Summer in Birmingham. It’s a perfect, free adventure that will get you, or your children, or anyone really, out and about.

In 2015, a similar event took place named the Big Hoot. Now, we get to experience another amazing trail – The Big Sleuth. It features 237 bears and cubs, which are placed all over the Birmingham area, stretching roughly 70 miles.

The Big Sleuth officially starts today – Monday 10th July – and finishes in ten weeks time. There is an app that you can download for £1.99 [*the proceeds go to charity*], or you can download the map for free from their site.

One hundred of the bears have been designed and painted by various artists, and one hundred and thirty seven smaller cubs have been crafted by local schools throughout the area.

In October, the bears will be auctioned off with proceeds going to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

What I loved about the Big Hoot [*and now The Big Sleuth*] is that it really gets families out, visiting the City Centre, Solihull, the Lickey Hills, and many other places where the statues are on show. It provides awareness for a charity, which gives so much to children living in Birmingham. Buying the app, fundraising, or even just posting about the bears you’ve stumbled upon can open a door to providing young children with items they need when visiting or staying at the hospital. It is really an extraordinary event.

Even though the trail did not commence until today, here are a few bears I found last week. Happy sleuthing!


NOTE: If you purchase the app, you also receive a lovely note in the post with a vegan-friendly sweet from BEAR.


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