IMG_8010Hi everyone!

I know it’s not often I do makeup/ cosmetic related blog posts, but today I’m really feeling it. Recently, I won two Twitter competitions, each containing makeup, nail varnish, bath bombs, etc, and so I thought it would be great to share what I won with you.

As I didn’t go out and purchase these items, I was unsure if this post could actually be considered a haul, and so I’ve thrown in just a couple of things I have purchased at the end – some of which are key staples in my makeup bag, and some which I thought, “Hey, why not try?”

I’ll also be listing the two lovely ladies who I received these prizes from – I think it’s only fair, considering this post would not have happened without them and their awesome giveaways.

The first competition I won was from a giveaway hosted by Twitter user @Lifewithmelly_ , which contained some lovely nail varnishes, a face mask, and a bath bomb [*the notebooks I won are also adorable in every way*]. And so I’ve done a little digging to find out the price and place of purchase, as well as giving some opinions on the products overall. So let’s get to it!

Instagram: _lifewithmelly_

  • Natural Collection Nail Varnish

    Price: £1.99

    Place: Boots

    Shades: Pink and Purple

    Opinion: I use quite a lot of Natural Collection Nail Varnish, and so I was really excited to see that I had won two bottles in this giveaway. My absolute favourite out of the pair is the purple as it is so consistent and metallic-like. Of course, the pink is more subtle and lovely in its own right, but boy am I obsessed with the purple.

  • White Coconut & Vanilla Bath Bomb (similar product)
    Price: £1.00

    Place: Wilkos

  • Happy Jackson – This is my YAY Face! Mask

    Price: £2.63

    Place: Temptation Gifts
    Opinion: What I have learnt about Happy Jackson through their website is that they really dabble in a lot of things. There is stationary, bath & shower products, sweets, the list goes on and on, and their theme [*very much unlike my blog*] is always constant. Their products are defined by blocked colours and a really cute font [*and lets not forget their logo is adorable*].

    The face mask is really a delight. After fifteen minutes it does leave your face feeling refreshed and soft. However, I must admit, I wasn’t expecting it to be so watery and messy, but I think that’s more to do with my own inexperience of using such products. All in all, I’d definitely use this face mask again.


The second set of prizes were sent to me by Twitter user @luxuryblush, and contained so many brands I have never, ever used before.

Instagram: luxuryblush

  • Small Magnetic Z Palette

    Price: £9.50

    Place: Beauty Bay

    Shade: Black – Includes 10 metal stickers (5 round, 5 square).

    Opinion: What I really like about the Z Pallette is the ability to switch up the pans for whenever I want to take different shades with me. It’s very resourceful for when you go on holiday, or take a day trip, and want to touch up your makeup during the day.

  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans

    Price: £4.60

    Place: their website

    Shades: Cosmopolitan, Shimma Shimma, Cocoa Bear.

  • Two Faced Melted Chocolate Liquified Lipstick

    Price: £16.19

    Place: their website.

    Opinion: I was expecting a darker shade, so I was surprised by the outcome of this liquified lipstick. However, the smell of this product is incredible – it is like putting chocolate onto your lips.

  • NYX Professional Makeup Duochromatic Illuminating Powder

    Price: £6.17

    Place: their website

    Shade: Snow Rose

    Opinion: Before winning this highlighter, I used a £1.00 one off ebay. At the time I thought it was really good – especially for the price – but now I have used the NYX one I can’t turn back. In one swift application it looks amazing, whether for a natural or full glam look. I tend to wear highlighter whenever I do my makeup, so the fact it works so well immediately, it means there is no need for re-application throughout the day/night.

  • Mac Cosmetic Lipstick

    Price: £16.50

    Place: their website

    Shade: Brave

    Opinion: This was my first MAC product, and so I had massive expectations. That being said I don’t think this product is really for me colour-wise.

  • Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Kit

    Price: £6.99

    Place: ASOS

    Opinion: My normal lip kit had a habit of coming off with every bit or sip of food and drink. But this stays on through both. I was really shocked by this, but also relieved as I always feel really bad going out for a drink and leaving giant stains on the glasses/mugs.

  • Spectrum Blending Friend Brush

    Price: £4.99

    Place: their website

    Type: B06


Finally, here are a couple of products which make this makeup haul an actual haul. The pressed powder has been my go-to for around seven years now, and all the other products are things I just wished to try.

  • Stay Matte Pressed Powder, in shade Transparent

    Price: £3.99

    Place: Boots

  • Rimmel #Insta Fix & Go Primer and Setting Spray

    Price: £6.99

    Place: Boots

  • George Face Primer

    Price: £2.50

    Place: Asda

  • Avon True Colour Pro+ Nail Enamel

    Price: £6.00

    Place: Avon




  1. I am in love with the books, theyre so cute! And the AVON coloured nail polishes, the blue one looks lovely xo


  2. I’ve never seen Barry M’s matte lip gloss before but now because you’ve reviewed it so well, I want some so bad!!

    Lon x


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