Hi guys!

Yesterday, I was nominated for the Blog/Blogger Recognition Award by the amazing Lucy Welford. For this award – similar to the Liebster and Versatile Blogger awards – you are set a series of questions, and must also tag fifteen other bloggers to take part.

So let’s go!

blog recog1

Why and How I Started My Blog

I started this blog in mid-February 2017, mainly to act as an add on to my VSCO account, where I could discuss my photography in more detail and customise more freely. However, I realised soon after that I’d really just like to start a general blog, featuring anything and everything I cared about, and so it grew from photography, to reviews, to advice, to just general bits and pieces.

I’m hoping to go self-hosted later this month [*aka when pay day finally gets here*]

Who Nominated Me

The blogger who nominated me is Lucy Welford. Like myself, she currently runs a WordPress blog, which dabbles from movie reviews, to favourites, to her adventures. She is from Newcastle, England, and has been blogging since 2014. I really enjoy her blog articles, and I can see she works very hard on her blog and media platforms.

Two Pieces of Advice for New Bloggers

My first piece of advice for new bloggers is to always write about what you enjoy, and never feel you have to conform to what other bloggers have been, and are, doing. The blogger sphere has a lot of variety, and a lot of niches, but that doesn’t mean you have to focus on one subject. If, one day, you want to write a movie review on The Emoji Movie, and the next day you want to write an essay worthy article on the NHS, then why the hell not.

My second piece of advice is that other platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, are your friends. I didn’t start using Twitter as a blog platform until the middle of July and since then I’ve racked up 800 followers through getting involved with the blog community. A simple retweet of a blog post you like, here and there, really does help the blogger who posted it. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, and do not compare your blog against others in a negative light. As i said, there is so much variety and so much to learn.

My Fifteen Nominations

1. Amba Champion

2. Beauty with Lauren

3. Skip Breakfast At Tiffanys

4. Continental Connoisseur

5. Kate Jones

6. The Cat Mother Chronicles 

7. Girl About Home

8. Grab A Cuppa

9. The Curly Anomaly

10. Sincerely, Lauren Emily

11. Sophistication

12. Naomi Rowan

13. Simply, Apostolia

14. Tiffany’s Blog Posts

15. Skinnedcartree



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