Boutique of the Kitsch & Strange
Art. Craft. Jewellery.

Aeyshea Jones’ Boutique of the Kitsch & Strange has been an Etsy shop since March 2012. Based in Swansea, Wales, Jones works strenuously to create beautiful and original pieces, based on personal experiences and memories.

Her shop has been favourited on Etsy over three-hundred times, and her work has received seventy 5/5 star reviews. She currently has around one-hundred and thirty items on sale, including jewellery, trinkets, paintings, and makeup bags.

DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and opinions are one-hundred percent my own.

Boutique of the Kitsch & Strange

Before I jump into my review of the Boutique of the Kitsch & Strange, I want to start off by saying that Aeyshea Jones is one of the most polite and hard-working sellers I have met so far in the blogging community. When we first agreed to collaborate, she was extremely friendly, and overall has been a pleasure to work with. She is willing to provide custom requests, and her work is perfect when buying for yourself, or for friends on special occasions.

From her collection, I selected an A4 print, entitled Mr, Stumpy Narwhal. It is a handmade, digitally drawn item, favourited by twenty-four people so far. It comes unframed, but signed, and there is also the option to select a size that differentiates from A4.

Mr. Stumpy Narwhal|A4 Landscape Print|Signed


From when I ordered the print to its arrival it took around three days, which was great. And when it arrived, it came wrapped in silver dotted paper, with a ribbon that said ‘Created With Love’Β [*as you can see from the images above*]. What I really loved though was the hand-crafted, gold-painted button which held the ribbon together. It made me feel that Jones had taken a lot of care with my item before shipping it off.

Once I finally loosened the ribbon [*it took a while as I didn’t want to ruin the lovely wrapping*], and saw the print, I was very pleased with the final product. The print came on a slice of cardboard to avoid any bends or folds in the delivery process, and the colours looked so much brighter in person too! Alongside the print was Aeyshea Jones’ Esty card [*pictured above*], showing what social platforms she can be found on. It also came with a sticker, depicting her logo, some cute plastic flowers, and Parma Violets.

Currently, my print sits in a frame on my bedroom window. Eventually I’m hoping to switch the frame [*aka find a brown one, without the white border inside of it*], and hang it up in my university accommodation when I move in.

Overall, I am so extremely pleased with this product, and the entire service provided by the Boutique of the Kitsch & Strange. There is no doubt that I would purchase from this Etsy shop again [*maybe for my friends’ Christmas presents*], as I believe there really is something for everyone.

Mr. Stumpy Narwhal|Cosmetic Bag|Signed

For those interested in this design, Jones has recently added a beautiful collection of cosmetic bags to her shop, including Mr. Stumpy Narwhal. As you can see below, it looks wonderful, and is large enough to fit in a range of makeup for when you’re on the go, or on holiday, etc.


You can find Aeyshea Jones’ Etsy shop here.

Honourable Mentions

As well as sharing my new A4 print, I thought I’d share other items I selected from her shop. These are just some of my personal favourites.

Little Glass Fox Earrings


Made from glass, and featuring a dainty fox design, these earrings are perfect for animal lovers.

Blue Swirling Planet Stud Earrings|Polymer Clay


Handmade from Polymer Clay, these striking blue earrings have been favourited by three people. They come with rubber backings, and there is an option of free gift wrap if they are a present for someone special.

Rats Rule Filigree Ring|Costume Jewellery


Favourited by thirteen people, this hand-crafted ring is made of glass cabochon. It is a perfect costume piece for those who love antique-like jewellery. The ring is adjustable, and is approximately 30mm wide. If it is a present, there is also the option of a free gift wrap service.

NOTE: All items above ship worldwide from the United Kingdom.

Aeyshea Jones’ Social Medias

To find the Boutique of Kitsch & Strange, click here.
To find Aeyshea Jones’ Twitter, click here.
To find Aeyshea Jones’ Instagram, click here.

Lauren Scott.jpg

NOTE: Boutique of the Kitsch & Strange does accept Etsy gift cards.

I hope you’re all having a lovely day, and can take a little bit of time to check out the Boutique of the Kitsch & Strange.
Thank you for taking the time to read my review, and I’ll be posting again very soon!


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