ZNO Premium Product


Last September, I found a nifty website called ZNO, which allows you to try some of their premium products for free, and being the avid scrapbooker and memory-saver I am, I thought it would be a great idea to give it a try. All you have to do is select what product option you would like and then pay the post and packaging for the product.

The options were as follows:
– A Canvas Print
– A Hard Cover Layflat Photo Book
– Metal Print
– A Hard Cover Flush Mount Album

I selected the final option, worth $50.00, and complete with 16 pages and 0.8mm page thickness.

img_5767At first, I didn’t want to get my hopes up on the item, that I did deem too good an offer to be true, but persisted none the less with completing the pages, because if by chance the offer wasn’t legit, I would be able to print screen them and keep them for memories sake anyway.img_5768I selected some of my favourite photographs from days out and created a small contents pages on the back, signed with the date I completed the book.

Zno allowed me to organise the layout the way I wanted, offering both templates and the ability to work from nothing.

As it was shipped from outside the UK, and if I remember correctly, the postage and packaging cost between £7-9, which I was more than willing to pay to see the finished product. And, even better, it arrived long before it said it was due to, so I managed to get it in time for my 20th birthday.
The quality, especially for a free Mount Album, is incredible, with no blurred photographs or the appearance of poor quality. *Zno also tells you when creating the album if photographs are too big to be presented in the best quality, so you can alter them to the perfect size.*
img_5771Overall, I believe this offer is really exceptional if you’re a keen photographer and want to present your work to friends, family, etc.

Down below these final pictures, I will note down the website and some information about Zno for anyone interested.

img_5772‘Try Premium Products for FREE
We encourage new customers to try our premium products for FREE.
To qualify, you have 30 days from the date of registration to order your FREE item.
We may cancel this FREE offer any time.

*Shipping not included
*1 trial item per household/account’

img_5773img_5774http://www.zno.com/low-cost.htmlimg_5775(Apologies for some poor quality photographs in this review, as my camera wasn’t working and I had to borrow a different make.)

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